Research for development
Technology and innovation to reinforce entrepreneurial activities

Affiliated companies


PoliHub is the Innovation District & Startup Accelerator of Politecnico di Milano, managed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, third University Startup Incubator Worldwide. PoliHub’s mission is to support highly innovative startups with scalable business models to foster cross-fertilization between the academy, the startups and consolidated companies focused on innovation.

ComoNExT is a Digital Innovation Hub and a startup incubator certified by the Ministry of Economic Development.  ComoNExt’s mission is attracting innovative businesses, transferring innovation to the territory and encouraging new business development by incubating startups.

Sino Italian Design, Innovation, Education and Research Alliance. Sidera is a company formed by Tus Holdings and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. Sidera’s mission is to create research and development opportunities to encourage a collaboration innovation oriented between Italy and China.

Fondazione I.T.S. cantieri dell’arte
It’s a cultural foundation for the recovery of the architectural renovation. The Foundation’s mission is to promote the scientific and technical culture, to support measures for the economical development and for the active policies for work.


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