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New Curricula for e-Leadership. Delivering Skills for an Innovative and Competitive Europe

New Curricula for e-Leadership. Delivering Skills for an Innovative and Competitive Europe
Politecnico di Milano, Aula De Donato - P.zza L. da Vinci 32, Milano
Demand is growing throughout European industry to improve the quality of e-leadership, covering organization leadership in ICT innovation to deliver business value. Recent research has confirmed that the shortage of e-leadership skills across Europe is significantly calling for action. What is e-Leadership and how the educational ecosystem is responding in this new era of digital requirement? What kinds of curricular activities can be provided at present? And companies, whether they are large, SMEs or start-ups, are aware of what it means to be able to "see" the change with the "lens" of the digital age? What do they expect from the educational system? What innovations have been able to develop?

The event "New Curricula for e-Leadership - Delivering Skills for an Innovative and Competitive Europe" aims to answer these questions by bringing together a wide group of complementary stakeholders and policy makers from cluster countries. It is part of a cycle of meetings planned in 10 different European countries to define a set of skills enabling innovation at all levels of enterprises, from start-ups to large corporations, from private to public bodies. E-leadership expresses the ability to foresee and envision new business models, new organizational and productive models, using the potentials of digital technology to drive the change.

This meeting is part of the study "eSkills Guide-Guidelines and the European Quality Labels for New Curricula", commissioned to Empirica by the European Community, DG Empirical Enterprise, aiming to develop, demonstrate and disseminate European guidelines and quality labels for new curricula fostering e-leadership skills. In Italy, the initiative is part of a series of actions taken to disseminate digital culture, promote ICT professionalism, and the European e-Competence Framework 3.0 (e-CF3.0) on ICT skills, now UNI regulation. This should also encourage the development and improvement of attractive, adapted, up-to-date educational offers able to increase the supply of experienced and highly qualified leaders in ICT-based innovation.

The event is organised by the European Commission, Directorate-General Enterprise & Industry and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano in conjunction with: CefrielRete Competenze per l'Economia Digitale, PoliHub, and AICA

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