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NAVIGATE - Information Literacy: A Game-based learning approach for Avoiding Fake Content

NAVIGATE - Information Literacy: A Game-based learning approach for Avoiding Fake Content  is a project that originates from important research results in the field of Information Literacy (IL) achieved in the area of Higher Education at European level in the last decade. The project intends to apply an innovative approach based on digital gaming to the information literacy training of HE students in Humanities. The goal is to create the opportunity for an active involvement of students through research, experimentation, competition and cooperation. It will also be possible to extend awareness on the issues of Information Literacy, since game-based training expands the collaborative potential of digital environments.

The main objectives of NAVIGATE are:
  • develop a subject tree and a program on core literacy skills such as finding, evaluating and using information effectively;
  • develop a game based model for IL training based on the skills tree;
  • design a scenario model for games on the IL;
  • develop games to support the IL and implement an online platform to integrate the game-based learning model;
  • develop a manual to support future users on the use of the game-based method in learning information literacy.
NAVIGATE is a project funded by the European Commission through the Erasmus+ ProgrammeThe partners involved are: State University of Library Studies and Information Technologies (project coordinator, Bulgaria), Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Italy), University of Parma (Italy), University of Gavle (Sweden). The project, which started in September 2017, ends in August 2020.

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NAVIGATE is a project funded 
by the European Union



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