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I cammini della Regina - Preservation and valorisation of the common cultural heritage of the Queen's Road

Via Regina Lariana (Queen Lariana Road), from Como to Sorico, is one of the most ancient historical and cultural trade routes between Italy and Switzerland.  I cammini della Regina (The Queen's roads) strengthened the cultural identity of these territories through the preservation and the valorisation of the pedestrian routes that crossed, connected, and productively utilized the regions concerned. The new internet-based GIS allow users to immerse themselves and enjoy the territory. Thanks to the use of mobile devices, photos, documents, and trip notes became part of the heritage of the local community. Other instruments, such as tourism-excursion maps, paper / virtual guides, standardized and widely used signs remain fundamental for the project.

Partners: Politecnico di Milano, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Associazione Iubilantes di Como, Comune di Cernobbio, Comunità Montana Lario Intelvese, Comunità Montana Valli del Lario e del Ceresio, Museo della Via Spluga e della Val San Giacomo, Consorzio Frazioni Corti Acero, Scuola Universitaria Professionale della Svizzera Italiana - Istituto scienze della Terra, Ufficio Beni Culturali Canton Ticino, Università degli Studi di Pavia. The project was funded by the Italy – Switzerland, INTERREG territorial cooperation programne.

The project began in 2013 and closed in 2015.



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