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RoCS - Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation

RoCS - Rotorcraft Certification by Simulation project aims at defining a virtual engineering flight simulation process for the generation of evidence for certification of rotorcraft. The objective is to establish, in collaboration with industry and regulators, the characteristics that a virtual flight simulation environment must have to be adequate to demonstrate compliance with airworthiness standards, in a safer, more economical and more effective way than that which could be achieved through current flight test procedures. The challenge is to develop, in agreement with the regulatory authority, guidelines that define the part of the certification basis that could be substituted or complemented by flight simulation, as well as the metrics and methodology to assess simulation model and flight simulator cueing fidelity.

RoCS is coordinated by Politecnico di Milano, together with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, and involves five partners: Giei, Deutsches Zentrum Fuer Luft - und Raumfahrt Ev, Stichting Nationaal Lucht- En Ruimtevaartlaboratorium, University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University. RoCS is a project funded by the Clean Sky Joint Undertaking under H2020 programme. The project started on May 2019 and will end on 30 April 2022.

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RoCS is a project funded by the Clean Sky Joint undertaking under Horizon 2020,
the European Union Framework Programme
for Research and Innovation



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