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SOCIALIZE - Service Oriented Assisted Living Infrastructure

The SOCIALIZE - Service Oriented Assisted Living Infrastructure project developed a hardware / software platform able to put in close contact the elder users with the community where they live, promoted elderly social interaction and proactived involvement in the democratic development of their own community through the use of new technology implemented in the elderly day by day contest. SOCIALIZE technology is accessible by different channel and in different geographical locations.

The project SOCIALIZE developed itself in three technologic macro areas to implement:
  • a service-oriented software architecture to supply network services with cloud computing modalities;
  • a set of user interfaces and access devices (with a particular focus on mobile devices) to optimize the experience of using the services that are available in the network for first level end-users (elderly people);
  • a set of software tools to implement services. The tools will be available to social organizations, which will enable them to implement and provide their services through the SOCIALIZE platform.
The SOCIALIZE project was financed by the European Commission through the Ambient Assisted Living Joint Programme (AAL JP), and it was developed by an international consortium: IRIS Consortium S.r.l. (project coordinator), Italian National Council of Research (ISTI-CNR), Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Consorzio Nazionale Idee in Rete, Spring Techno GmbH & Co KG, Asociacion de Investigacion de la Industria Textil, Embedded Technologies Innovation Center s. coop., SUPSI TTHF - Telecom Telemetry and High Frequency, and Casa Santa Lucia. The project began in May 2012 and lasted three years.


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SOCIALIZE is a project funded by the European Union



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