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Development of a managerial model to manage the phenomenon of confiscated property

Fondazione Politecnico, which avails itself of the collaboration of the Department of Architecture, Construction Engineering and the Built Environment of the Politecnico di Milano University, together with Sda Bocconi School of Management, Fondazione Istud for managerial culture and the Research Centre “Federico Stella” on criminal justice and criminal policy of the Cattolica University of Milan, was awarded the contract for the realization of the project Development of a managerial model to manage the phenomenon of confiscated property. The project sets out to provide an organized response to problem of the correct application and valorisation of the assets confiscated from organized crime for the benefit of producing economic and social wealth, to become a driving force for the development of the territories concerned.

The project, which began at the start of April, will receive a Euro 480,000 loan from the Region of Lombardy. Its objective is to define a model to allocate and manage real-estate assets confiscated in favour of local communities, through the creation, the maintenance, and the updating of a computerized DB of the confiscated property across the region of Lombardy. 963 assets will be mapped. Lombardy is one of the regions with the highest number of confiscations and Milan, Brescia, and Bergamo are the cities with the greatest number of sequestrations.


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