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DialysIS - Dialysis therapy between Italy and Switzerland

Kidney failure and dialysis therapies are public health problems that have considerable financial and social impact. The DialysIS - Dialysis therapy between Italy and Switzerland project sets out to define the best possible clinical protocol shared among the various healthcare figures to guarantee territorial and cross-border continuity, between Italy and Switzerland, of care and access to personalized and higher-quality dialysis therapies. The project entails the development of a web platform that will allow the verification and upgrading of clinical protocols developed, allowing a collaborative approach among the various centres. Upon conclusion of the project, the platform hosted the best possible customizable protocols, offering a service to the clinics that request it.

The project's partner was: Politecnico di Milano University – Como division, The Regional Hospital of Lugano (Cantonal Hospital Institute), The Hospital of the Province of Lecco, "S. Anna" Como Hospital, Circolo e Fondazione Macchi Hospital of Varese. The project was funded by INTERREG – Italy-Switzerland and is co-funded by the European Union. Fondazione Politecnico collaborated in the project.

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