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Tender for provision of Capacity Building and Training Services in Tanzania

The Tender for provision of Capacity Building and Training Services in Tanzania - KuKaWa (Kujenga Uwezo Katika Wasomi) project, funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Italian Cooperation for Development, originated from an agreement between the government of the United Republic of Tanzania and the Italian Government, Technical Instructions Sector, for the realization of a programme oriented to certain universities of Tanzania: Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology, Mbeya Institute of Science and Technology, and Arusha Technical College. The programme's objective is strengthening Higher Education in the African country, thanks to capacity building and staff upgrading activities in high technology sectors.

Thanks to the development of the project, coordinated by the Politecnico di Milano University and by Fondazione Politecnico, it sets out: to expand access to the academic engineering programs of the Tanzanian universities concerned and to improve their quality of teaching and learning thorough the upgrading of the staff; introducing new engineering programs that satisfy industrial market needs; incrementing collaboration and links with the industrial world through services to students and ongoing professional development; improving the participation of women in engineering training programs and their employment in correlated career pathways. 


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