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Measurement of Normal and Superconducting Magnets. A Tool for Engineering Design and Qualification

22 febbraio
, ore:
| Politecnico di Milano, Conference Room "E. Gatti" - Via Ponzio 34/5, Milano
Measurements are a powerful tool to assist and complement the complete cycle, from conceptual design, through engineering, fabrication, commissioning and operation. The presentation of Luca Bottura (CERN TE-MSC) starts with a brief summary of magnet design for accelerators and other "Big Science" applications. It proceeds then to a summary of measurement techniques that are relevant to magnet science and engineering, and samples of its application to specific magnet projects. Finally, it gives a summary of perceived future challenges and perspective developments. Luca Bottura has trained as a Nuclear Engineer at the Engineering Faculty of the University of Bologna (Italy), and was awarded a PhD from the University College of Swansea (Wales, UK) for the physical modeling, scaling and numerical analysis of quench in large-scale, force-flow cooled superconducting coils. He joined CERN in 1995. As of July 2011, he is the leader of the Magnets Superconductors and Cryostats Group in the CERN Technology Department (CERN TE-MSC), in charge of the resistive and superconducting magnets for the CERN accelerator complex, the associated manufacturing and test technologies, and the cryogenic test installations.




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