Research for development
Technology and innovation to reinforce entrepreneurial activities


The bodies of the Fondazione are:
  • the President
  • the Founder Members' Assembly
  • the Board of Directors
  • the Board of Statutory Auditors of Accounts
  • the Scientific Committee
The management and administrative duties are carried out by the
General Manager

The President, who is appointed by the Politecnico di Milano, is the legal representative of the Fondazione. The Board of Directors, comprising eleven members, is responsible for running the Fondazione. The Founder Members' Assembly, comprising one representative appointed by each founder member, issues opinions and recommendations to the Board of Directors. The Board of Statutory Auditors is the internal audit body. The Scientific Committee conducts consulting and cooperation activities together with the President of the Fondazione and with the Board of Directors. The General Manager carries out management and technical / administrative functions.


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