What We Do

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano develops multidisciplinary innovation projects in partnership with companies, public authorities and research centres, in Italy and across Europe, in many of the University’s areas of competence. It supports the creation of enterprises and sustains the finest startups through its management of the PoliHub Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator incubator. It promotes initiatives concerning corporate social responsibility and international cooperation, and it promotes continuous learning projects.

Project Management

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The Foundation’s results confirm that its staff can manage complex projects involving multiple sources of finance and calls for proposals. Through a combination of strategy, creativity and planning, the teams work with Italian and international partners to turn innovation into reality.

Research Capitalisation

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For researchers at Politecnico di Milano, the Foundation is an active and trustworthy supporter and sponsor.

Technology Transfer

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Companies approach the Foundation because we listen to them carefully and have direct and intimate knowledge of a complex and multi-layered organisation such as Politecnico di Milano.

PoliHub & Supporting New Entrepreneurship

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Budding entrepreneurs who approach PoliHub Innovation Park & Startup Accelerator know that they can rely on a structure of excellence with the right professionals – investors, mentors and business people – to guide them through the creation and development of their company.

Social Development

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The Foundation, together with the main local public entities, the best-known humanitarian associations and large companies, encourages initiatives leading to new services for the public and for social growth and promote multi-disciplinary projects for sustainable development.

Lifelong Training & Digital Learning

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Starting from the users’ needs and exploiting the potential of technological tools, the Foundation encourages and supports processes of innovation in teaching and online collaborations.


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The Foundation is at the centre of an exchange system, where they share the value generated through its work with those who worked to implement it.