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Covid-19: high-tech prevention with public screening from Capsula

An innovative platform in our fight against Covid-19. Capsula is a phygital health pod that will be developed within the European project INNO4COV-19. Capsula will screen public health by measuring and analysing a series of parameters, including lifestyle and underlying health conditions. The health pod uses an open and scalable cloud-based platform. A digital totem […]

February’s Newsletter is now online – see what’s new and what’s coming soon

Our February Newsletter is online! Here are this month’s events, the articles on new initiatives.  TechCamp 2021 applications opened on robotics, computer coding, cyber security and mobility and the opportunity of a new MOOC that can help you update your active teaching and learning techniques. Here is the link. We hope you enjoy reading it!

TechCamp@POLIMI, registrations open to a STEM future

Applications to TechCamp@POLIMI opened on 1 February and will shut on 28 March 2021. TechCamp@POLIMI is the first Italian initiative directing secondary school students towards university level courses in STEM subjects (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Courses at TechCamp@POLIMI are designed for students in upper secondary school (15 years and older). They are highly intensive [...]

Soft and digital skills to improve student learning

Students must be taught crucial soft skills to help them in the job market. As university teachers, by integrating active learning methods into your teaching practice, you are effectively innovating your professional pathway while improving your students’ learning experience, especially when they are studying traditional core subjects. The MOOC falls under the umbrella of Europe’s […]

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