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Tech4Planet: to champion the creation of companies operating in environmental sustainability

Sustainability, territorial development and the strengthening of large centres of innovation. These are the objectives set by Tech4Planet, the second national hub of technological transfer created by CDP Venture Capital SGR, in collaboration with Politecnico di Milano. Tech4Planet intends to promote market access for new companies conceived within research labs and working in environmental [...]

MindSphere World, an ecosystem to revive Italy’s industrial fabric

Speed, flexibility and the capacity to intercept market changes. This is why we need to join forces in an ecosystem that brings together the main players in digital change. MindSphere World, an international association that promotes IoT and cloud computing for the world of industry and includes Siemens SpA and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano among […]

#StartCup Lombardia returns and is on the lookout for the best innovative entrepreneurial ideas until September 13!

StartCup Lombardia is searching for the most innovative entrepreneurial ideas! We have launched the 19th edition of Startcup Lombardia, a competition organised by universities and university incubators in Lombardy, promoted by the regional government, Regione Lombardia, which supports the creation of high potential startups. The total prize money is 125,000 euros and, as a winner, […]

Innovation House is good to go in Dubai and ready for our #FuoriExpo2020

Everything is ready in Dubai for the inauguration of our Innovation House. This project was conceived by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano jointly with Politecnico di Milano and Regione Lombardia. The splendid backdrop of the Hotel Intercontinental Marina, with its strategic location in the beating heart of Dubai, is the setting for our FuoriEXPO2020, a laboratory […]

Borsa Parizzi, Universities and Donors together for the next generations

With its PhD grants, the Borsa Parizzi fund is signalling its trust in universities and donors, including private givers, and in their capacity to help the next generations, becoming an engine for growth and wellbeing. It was in this spirit that Associazione Eugenio e Germania Parizzi (established at the behest of Eugenio Parizzi, Dr Cinzia […]

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