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The series “Research for Development” is a collaboration between Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and the publisher Springer. The objective is to promote complex texts that are the outcome of wide-ranging and highly sophisticated research projects, defined by multi-disciplinary content and targeting development. The intention in this series is to promote development, in all its many interpretations, including sustainable growth, environmental benefits and efficient use of resources, innovation applied in all “polytechnical” sectors, long-lasting economic development, knowledge economy and social responsibility. Below are several of the thematic areas addressed in this series: Urban regeneration and infrastructure; Infomobility, transport and logistics; Environment and territory; Cultural heritage and conservation; Energy; Chemistry, materials and nanotechnology; Physics; Aerospace; Information industry, services and technologies; Health; Continuous development.

In September 2018, Scopus selected the series “Research for Development” for inclusion in its database. Scopus is currently considered the largest bibliographic database of abstracts and citations from scientific literature.

The texts of the series


Digital Health Technology for Better Aging

Andreoni, Giuseppe, Mambretti, Cinzia - Springer, 2021

The book describes the multidisciplinary approach needed to tackle better aging. Aging populations are one of the 21st century’s biggest challenges. National health systems are forced to adapt in [...]

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Sustainable Development of Modern Digital Economy

Ragulina, J.V., Khachaturyan, A.A., Abdulkadyrov, A.S., Babaeva, Z.S. - Springer, 2021

The digital economy is a new direction in which the modern global economic system is now heading. This book seeks to adapt the digital economy concept to the priorities of humanity, including the [...]

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Design of Supporting Systems for Life in Outer Space

Dominoni Annalisa - Springer, 2020

This book is a rich source of information on design research and solutions for the support and development of space missions. International experiences and researches are presented in order to [...]

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Green Planning for Cities and Communities – Novel Incisive Approaches to Sustainability

Giuliano Dall'O, - Springer 2020

This book addresses key issues across the field of sustainable urban planning, and provides a unique reference tool for planners, engineers, architects, public administrators, and other experts. [...]

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Cycling & Walking for Regional Development – How Slowness Regenerates Marginal Areas

Paolo Pileri, Rossella Moscarelli - Springer 2020

This book investigates why and how cycle and walking paths can help to promote the regeneration of marginalized areas facing depopulation and economic decline. In addition, it offers a broad [...]

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Environmental Performance and Social Inclusion in Informal Settlements – A Favela Project Based on the IMM Integrated Modification Methodology

Gabriele Masera, Massimo Tadi, - Springer 2020

This book discusses the potential of a systemic and multidisciplinary design approach to improve urban quality, health, livability, and inclusiveness for people living in informal settlements. In [...]

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Production System Management

Andrea Sianesi - Mondadori Education

The production system is one of the key elements to create a competitive advantage for industrial companies. The importance that over the years, for the survival and growth of companies, the [...]

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Socialhousenet e-book

A cura di Pietro Piccinini, Chiara Galeazzi, Chiara Gambarana, Stefano Sanna, Ilaria Mariani, Anca Serbanescu - Politecnico di Milano

The Socialhousenet project was born as a response to the public notice “Support for young talents” launched in July 2015 by the Department of Youth and National Civil Service of the [...]


Ebook_Digital Transformation

Consoft Sistemi, LVIA, LabNet SAA - School of Management, WeMake, Viviana Brun, Nicoletta Gorgerino, Luca Indemini, Nadia Lambiase, Pasquale Lanni, Cristina Martellosio, Silvia Pochettino, Roberta Riberio, Simone Sala, Carlo Boccazzi Varotto. - ONG 2.0.

We are living in an era of radical transformations. Digital technology impacts on all areas of our life and is building a new way not only of facing the challenges of sustainable development, [...]

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TEACHING IN THE FIELD. A year of experimentation | Q1 | the notebooks of Polisocial

Ida Castelnuovo e Francesca Cognetti - Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, 2014

The volume reports the activity carried out within the Polisocial Field Educational Initiative in the academic year 2012 – 2013 and in the first semester of the year 2013-2014. The report [...]


EMPTY TO RENDER. Projects for the reinterpretation and reuse of spaces in public buildings | Q2 | the notebooks of Polisocial

Francesca Cognetti - Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, 2014

Empty to return, projects for the reinterpretation and reuse of spaces in public buildings is the second volume of the “Quaderni di Polisocial“, an editorial initiative carried out by [...]


The Politecnico di Milano and the training of national and local ruling classes

Giuseppe Paletta e Maria Luisa Sangiorgio (Coordinamento del progetto); Carlo Carboni, Mattia Granata, Stefano Morosini, Giuseppe Paletta, Ornella Selvafolta, Andrea Silvestri, Fabrizio Trisoglio - SilvanaEditoriale, 2013

The speed of the post-unitary industrialization process, the effectiveness of post-war reconstruction, the enthusiasm with which the country grew in the sixties are evidence of the inseparable [...]

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