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The series “Research for Development” is a collaboration between Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and the publisher Springer. The objective is to promote complex texts that are the outcome of wide-ranging and highly sophisticated research projects, defined by multi-disciplinary content and targeting development. The intention in this series is to promote development, in all its many interpretations, including sustainable growth, environmental benefits and efficient use of resources, innovation applied in all “polytechnical” sectors, long-lasting economic development, knowledge economy and social responsibility. Below are several of the thematic areas addressed in this series: Urban regeneration and infrastructure; Infomobility, transport and logistics; Environment and territory; Cultural heritage and conservation; Energy; Chemistry, materials and nanotechnology; Physics; Aerospace; Information industry, services and technologies; Health; Continuous development.

In September 2018, Scopus selected the series “Research for Development” for inclusion in its database. Scopus is currently considered the largest bibliographic database of abstracts and citations from scientific literature.

The texts of the series


Design of Supporting Systems for Life in Outer Space

Dominoni Annalisa - Springer, 2020

This book is a rich source of information on design research and solutions for the support and development of space missions. International experiences and researches are presented in order to [...]

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Green Planning for Cities and Communities – Novel Incisive Approaches to Sustainability

Giuliano Dall'O, - Springer 2020

This book addresses key issues across the field of sustainable urban planning, and provides a unique reference tool for planners, engineers, architects, public administrators, and other experts. [...]

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Cycling & Walking for Regional Development – How Slowness Regenerates Marginal Areas

Paolo Pileri, Rossella Moscarelli - Springer 2020

This book investigates why and how cycle and walking paths can help to promote the regeneration of marginalized areas facing depopulation and economic decline. In addition, it offers a broad [...]

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Environmental Performance and Social Inclusion in Informal Settlements – A Favela Project Based on the IMM Integrated Modification Methodology

Gabriele Masera, Massimo Tadi, - Springer 2020

This book discusses the potential of a systemic and multidisciplinary design approach to improve urban quality, health, livability, and inclusiveness for people living in informal settlements. In [...]

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Sustainable Urban Development and Globalization – New strategies for new challenges, with a focus on the Global South

Petrillo Agostino, Bellaviti Paola - Springer, 2018

This book equips readers with a deeper understanding of the challenges posed by radical socioeconomic, environmental, and cultural changes due to globalization and describes effective, [...]

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Scientific Knowledge Communication in Museums

Alberto Rovetta ed Edoardo Rovida - Springer, 2018

This book explains the general principles of scientific and technical communication in the context of modern museums. It also examines, with the aid of informative case studies, the different [...]

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