The Socialhousenet project was born as a response to the public notice “Support for young talents” launched in July 2015 by the Department of Youth and National Civil Service of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. The notice was intended to promote and support the talent and creativity of young people aged between 18 and 35 by funding initiatives that would allow them to enhance their experiences and skills in the field of social and technological innovation through the resources made available provision through the Youth Policy Fund.

The Socialhousenet project proposal declined the requests of the public notice with respect to the issues of the complexity of the phenomenon of social housing and collaborative living, wanting to support the research and development by young recipients of alternative ways and styles of living. The project was conducted as an experience, not just a formative one, which allowed the young talents who participated to acquire new skills and design tools, experiment sharing practices, living in close contact with the host communities, enhance their resources. within heterogeneous work groups and discover their passions. The e-book Socialhousenet – Networks of young talents for collaborative living, published at the end of the project, traces all the phases that led to the realization of the initiative and presents the protagonists who have determined its success.