A Festival of Ideas

A day of meeting and workshops on ideas on how to improve the outskirts of Milan


SUPER - Scuola Superiore d'Arte Applicata del Castello Sforzesco – Via Alex Visconti 18, Milano

The event

The project “La Scuola dei Quartieri” (District Schools) has reached the districts of San Siro, Selinunte and Gallaratese in the periphery of Milan, with a day of meetings, laboratories and events open to the public to come up with ideas about how to improve the districts surrounding Milan. The purpose of the initiative is to show the public what is happening in these districts, encouraging people to act and become part of the project’s community. Participants are invited to present ideas and the project partners will help them to put these ideas into action.

“La Scuola dei Quartieri” is an initiative set up by Milan’s Assessorato al Lavoro e Attività Produttive, the city’s Office for Work and Production, with support through the National Operational Programme “Metro Milano 2014-2020”. Its purpose is to create projects and services conceived and implemented by the general public which can help improve life in city districts, exploiting the energy, creativity and entrepreneurial spirit of the residents of Milan’s peripheries. The project was implemented in collaboration with a network of organisations specialised in developing communities and supporting entrepreneurship and social innovation: Avanzi, Comunità del Giambellino, Consorzio CGM, Dynamoscopio, Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, Make a Cube, Kilowatt, PerMicro, Politecnico di Milano and Spazio Aperto Servizi. For more information on the project, go to www.lascuoladeiquartieri.it.