Action for 5G. Building the Future Together | Workshop and Call

Vodafone Italy is launching its new “Action for 5G” call, in collaboration with PoliHub, for startups and SMEs developing projects based on 5G


PoliHub - Milano

The event

“Action for 5G” is the call launched by Vodafone Italy for startups, SMEs and social enterprises that wish to contribute with their ideas and projects to the development of 5G in Italy.


Innovative and distinctive 5G-related solutions, services and technology for the consumer and business market, with high potential and in synergy with Vodafone Italy. We are asking for projects where 5G improves the user experience or enables new functions through one of the 5G factors.


up to € 50,000 for the prototype and € 300,000 (convertible into equity) for product development

Consultancy and exclusive services
with Vodafone 5G and PoliHub experts

Open Lab 5G
with Vodafone’s Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) services and 5G devices

Network of Vodafone customers and partners
for market validation

during and after the programme

International scale up
with Tomorrow Street after the commercial launch

“Action for 5G” is organised by Vodafone Italy in collaboration with PoliHub, Politecnico di Milano’s Innovation Park and Startup Accelerator, managed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

The program


  • Create your Action for 5G account
  • Fill in your details
  • Join the workshop to learn more about Action for 5G and 5G technology
  • Complete the form and submit your project by 1 February 2022

Startups and interested parties can take part in our Action for 5G Workshop to learn more about 5G technology and find out about the potential of the new generation architecture from Vodafone experts, as well as gathering more information on how to apply to the call, and will be joined by programme partners and startup winners of past editions. As well as the webinar, you can also take part in an online session with business and 5G experts, by registering from your personal area in the website. The workshop will run on Tuesday 14 December 2021, from 9:30, and is an online event.

How to join the event

You can register to the workshop and submit your project via the programme’s official website.