Hungry for the Future | People will travel through space and time

PoliHub’s format for the online community of inventors, start-uppers, those with a passion for technology and everyone who is curious


Online event, 17:30

The event

Will we holiday on Mars? Will we get to Australia in a couple of hours? What will tomorrow’s mobility be like? How far will its limits go? These questions and many other challenges need answers. We can think of growth in world population and even greater concentration in cities, environmental protection, reduction in the use of fossil fuel, the need to connect the opposite corners of the earth in very short times, the possibility of exploring and developing tourist and trade routes in space.

Hungry for the Future is a format developed by PoliHub for the online community of inventors, start-uppers, those with a passion for technology and those with inquisitive minds. Electric urban mobility, space travel and sustainable high-speed transport are the focus of Hungry for the Future | People will travel through space and time. A panel of three guests from the key fields of startups, universities, companies and entrepreneurship will debate the issues of technology and innovation, showing that the future is closer than we think!

The program

The event, held on Wednesday 16 June at 17.30, will streamed live on YouTube, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Our panel:
Gabriele Bibop Gresta, co-founder of Hyperloop TT and CEO and founder of Hyperloop Italia
Tommaso Gecchelin, founder and CTO of NEXT Modular Vehicles
Tommaso Ghidini, Head of the Structures, Mechanisms and Materials Division, European Space Agency
Luigi Onorato, Insurance Sector Leader e FSI Innovation Leader, Deloitte

The debate will be moderated by Gabriella Greison, physicist, writer, journalist and theatrical author, and Enrico Deluchi, general manager at PoliHub.
The event is ponsored by Deloitte Italia.

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