Action for 5G | 2021 edition

Vodafone supports your project in 5G



The Event

“Action for 5G” is Vodafone Italy’s call for startups, SMEs and social enterprises to support the development and growth of innovative projects in 5G in Italy. This year Vodafone is offering up to 2.5 million euros to support selected companies in the development of their projects in a 5G perspective. “Action for 5G” is the 4th edition of this annual call organised by Vodafone to promote and support startups and companies in transforming their 5G-based innovative projects into reality, in collaboration with PoliHub, Politecnico di Milano’s Innovation Park and Startup Accelerator, managed by Fondazione Politecnico.

In the new edition of  “Action for 5G”, Vodafone will be both technological partner and lead investor, expanding the opportunities for startups and companies intending to submit their application. Winning projects in the Seed Capital category will receive up to one million euros to develop 5G-based solutions, and, in the In Kind category, they will be given technical and specialist consultancy, devices and infrastructure to implement the solution in 5G technology, as well as market validation.

The program

Projects can be in the sectors of Education, Energy, Entertainment & Gaming, Healthcare, Industry 4.0, Mobility & Transport, Retail, Safety & Security, Tourism, Wellbeing & Sport Tech, and must implement at least one of the distinctive 5G factors (high speed mobile connection of 10-100Mbps per user; 1-10ms latency; and millions of connected devices).

Startups and companies can enrol to the Workshop “Action for 5G”, held by Vodafone in live streaming on December 14, 2020. The webinar is an opportunity for interested parties to learn more about 5G technology, finding out about the new generation architecture’s potential from Vodafone experts, as well as gathering more information to fine-tune their application, which should be submitted by the 1st of February, 2021.

How to Join the event

Apply to Action for 5G through