New skills for enhancing digital entrepreneurship within CCIs


Online event

The event

“DigiMooD -New skills for enhancing digital entrepreneurship within CCIs”. A conference dealing with Digital Transformation within Cultural and Creative Industries, focusing on its impact on cultural, social, and productive matters thus looking for further experimentation and learning.

Digimood is a project co-funded by the European Commission aimed at providing solutions to address the lack of multidisciplinary educational approaches capable of supporting Cultural and Creative Industries (CCIs) in exploiting the opportunities offered by the digital transformation.

The program

3 pm Intro: Digital Learning in the Post-Covid era

3:10 pm Digital Convergences: New Pedagogies and Hyperrealities for Learning with the Creative and Cultural Industries

3:30 pm Digital competencies in the fashion industry and education

3:50 pm Driving digital transformation by design: exploring digital skill gaps for enhancing technological literacy in fashion industries

4:10 pm Q&A

4:15 pm Students showcase

4:30 pm Companies Panel

• How digital competences bring fashion businesses to success today

5 pm Q&A