Fare Milano

Seven themes to design the city’s future together

23/10/2020 - 29/10/2020

Online event

The event

Seven themes developed by seven workgroups of experts from public and private organisations, who take up the challenge launched by the City of Milan, and are proposing ideas and projects to design the Milan of tomorrow. This is “Fare Milano/Doing Milan”, an initiative that puts the spotlight on projects and programmes that have made Milan the modern and international city it is today, giving voice to the new protagonists and listening to the buzz and energy flowing throughout the city. The second phase of the initiative will be streamed online; it consists of seven outdoor meetings, from the 19th to the 29th of October, each involving a public discussion on a specific theme. Each day will start with a workgroup presenting the theme, which is discussed by a panel of experts, leading exponents and city officials.

Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, with the participation of the Foundation’s President, Prof. Andrea Sianesi, are working on the theme “Una Città che crea, sa e forma (A City that creates, knows and educates)”. The public event for this theme will be streamed live on Friday 23 October on the website www.faremilano.it.