IBE – Industry Big Event 2020 | Drive the new 5G wave

How to make a cultural change and create new sustainability in companies


Online event, 09:30

The Event

IBE 2020, Drive the New 5G Wave is both an event and a pause for reflection to bring together many different experiences and voices to trace a pathway and set out a formal, programmatic and systematic series of actions for companies that intend to continue competing successfully.

The event is organised by Pentaconsulting in collaboration with the Centro di Competenza per l’Innovazione Sistematica (Centre of Competence for System Innovation) and under the patronage of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano.

The program

9:30 | Welcome from Ingrid Paoletti – Vice President Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and teacher at Politecnico di Milano

9:45 | Talk by Umberto Cugini – Emeritus Professor in Design and Methods of Industrial Engineering at Politecnico di Milano

10:30 | Talk by Massimo Fucci – Founder and General Manager of Pentaconsulting, creator and organiser of Industry Big Event

10:15 | Talk by Roberto Siagri – CEO of Eurotech, international leader in embedded products and software and supplier of solutions to the industrial, medical, transport and energy sectors

10:00 | Talk by Stefano Quintarelli – Entrepreneur, ICT expert and internet pioneer, author of the book “Immaterial Capitalism. Digital Technologies and the New Social Conflict”

10:45 | Talk by Marco Maiocchi – Physicist and a bit of a designer, he teaches at Politecnico di Milano in the Department of Industrial Design

11:00 | Q&A

How to Join the event

This is an online Zoom event. For more information, please visit www.pentaconsulting.it/eventi/ibe-2020.