IBE – Industry Big Event 2022 | Drive the new 5G wave

Making good business decisions in a complex system is key to competing effectively.


Online event, 09:30

The event

To meet new challenges today (Energy and Environment) and others, as yet unknown, tomorrow. Methods, technologies and smart use of data Infrastructure are the road to success. However, the person (the Human being) must always remain at the centre of everything, with his or her culture, leadership skills and ability to manage the rapid and complex dynamics of change. IBE 2022 is founded on this premise. Operating under the banner of continuity, IBE 2022 observes change and provides an objective reference framework to act with determination in tackling change strategically and operationally.

The program

See the preliminary agenda here.

How to join the event

Participants can attend

  • On line, subject to registration confirmed by the organisers. Places are limited.
  • In presence, subject to registration confirmed by the organisers, who will communicate directly with the participant. In presence participation is contingent on the health regulations in place on the day of the convention.

To register, click on this link.