INNO-WISEs final event | Webinar marathon for WISEs in transition

Final event of INNO-WISEs, project funded in the framework of Interreg Central Europe programme


Online event

The event

The INNO-WISEs project is coming to an end and to take stock of all the knowledge we gained and shared during this project, we are organising a two days webinar marathon (17 – 18 June 2020) for Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISEs) in transition.

WISEs are small or medium sized organisations that work on the integration of the most disadvantaged groups. They currently face significant shortages of skilled labour force, which the INNO-WISEs project aimed to tackle. The goal of the project was to develop and deliver solutions for applying key technologies and managerial models to WISEs, in particular through training programmes. During this two-day event, you will have the opportunity to participate to numerous online training sessions, developped during the project and created for WISEs.