Alumni Digital Talks | Startups: the engine for a restart!

A series of events where experts from Politecnico and others engage with the Alumni community to exchange knowledge and experiences.


Online event | 18:00

The event

A new event in the Digital Talks cycle held by the Alumni of Politecnico di Milano, a series of events where experts from Politecnico and external professionals discuss a range of topical matters with the Alumni community, covering technical, cultural, social and research issues of interest, in an exchange of knowledge and experience. The following people attended the event: Enrico Deluchi, General Manager of PoliHub, and Davide Moscatelli, PhD, Rector’s Delegate for Exploitation of Research and Technology at Politecnico di Milano, and the co-founders of two startups that proved themselves during the Covid-19 emergencies: Venanzio Arquilla, co-founder and president of Narvalo, and Fulvio Bambusi, co-founder of Filaindiana. The moderator for the meeting was Prof. Enrico Zio, President of the Alumni Association of Politecnico di Milano.

The Digital Talks are an ideal occasion for Politecnico di Milano to meet the national and international Alumni community, as part of a closer integration with the University.