LombHe@t, green heating solutions for sustainable cities

At this event, we will share some of the results achieved in the LombHe@t project, designed to detect heating systems with low environmental impact.


Online Evento, 12:00

The event

We will introduce the LombHe@t project at this online event. The initiative is financed by Regione Lombardia (the regional government of Lombardy) and was set up to identify heating solutions with a low environmental impact. Innovative solutions are sought for both new and existing buildings, to include 70% of the buildings in our area.

In line with the European Green Deal and the new regulations on climate and energy, LombHe@t combines high energy efficiency with low environmental impact. The kit of innovative solutions includes sensors, artificial intelligence and forecasting models, all tools that will be used to develop fourth generation district heating and to improve heat pump performance. Digital technology plays a big part in the single parts of this overall project, as it can bring additional improvement to the management and efficiency of heating systems, reduce costs and impact on the environment. How will we heat ourselves in 2050? What and how much will we consume? Research and innovation can help to provide the answers to these questions.

We will also try to understand the users’ most virtuous behaviour: how to impact less but still keep warm. Research and technology have shown us the way to promising results, like those that will be described at this meeting with the project’s leading players and partners. The event is organised as part of “Milano Digital Week 2021”, an initiative promoted by the City of Milan.