This is Not a Game | Gaming, learning and personal growth #9

A new event on Twitch: culture, inspiration and learning in a game for our younger audience


Online event, 15:30

The event

This is Not a Game – A new format involving gaming, learning and personal growth proposed by Rinascita Digitale, in collaboration with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. The aim is to bring culture, inspiration and learning to a younger audience under the guise of a game. The event will be streamed live every Monday at 15:30 on Rinascita Digitale’s Twitch channel, starting on 12 April 2021.

Matteo Uggeri, Project Manager of Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, and Michele Saladino, Co-Founder and Content Creator at Rinascita Digitale, will conduct proceedings every week on Twitch. The story line of This is Not a Game is to show how gaming can help teenagers and young adults learn soft skills, develop personally and understand people better. Over the half-hour sessions, the presenters will interview guests and experts (game designers, psychologists, programmers and gamers).

They will ask these questions:

  • Can gaming make us better people? Can it make a better world?
  • Can gaming be a form of learning?
  • Can we use gaming to understand the world and understand ourselves? Can it help us explore our behaviour and the behaviour of a group of people or students?
  • Where is gaming, mainstream and otherwise, going in education, and how is it used in schools, universities and businesses?
  • How do we as gamers hone our multidisciplinary skills and then use them to make our way in the world of work?
  • How can gaming be the stepping stone to digital skills that help us live and survive in our new phygital world?