OER Technology Circle | Progetto Encore+

Cycle of virtual events on matters relating to OER (Open Educational Resources)


Online event, 9:30 (CEST)

The event

Partners in the ENCORE+ project are organising a series of events, known as the “Circle Events”, to develop innovation and business models in the field of OER (Open Educational Resources). ENCORE+ is building a European OER ecosystem through a coordinated approach which can enact the value of OER as a catalyst and multiplier. The Circle events will address the need for a more comprehensive collaboration, bringing together particular groups, networks and initiatives, in order to move from a series of individual OER initiatives into a European OER ecosystem.

The Encore+ Circle events will focus the community around four primary themes: “OER Technology”, “Policies and Practices”, “Quality” and “Innovation and Business Models”. Each circle community will host a series of events, and the “OER Technology Circle” is the fourth and final online event in programme. The events are open to any individual, institution or business with an interest in the four themes.

The program

Calendar of upcoming “Circle Events”:

How to join the event

The events are open to all and free of charge. For more details on how to register go to www.encoreproject.eu.