Opportunità nell’ambito della mobilità urbana post COVID | Opportunities for Urban Mobility in the Post-COVID Era

An urban mobility webinar to explore new service models and market opportunities arising from COVID-19.


Online event, 11:30

The event

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is holding a webinar on the “Opportunities for Urban Mobility in the Post-COVID Era”, organised in collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Milan, Monza, Brianza and Lodi and with the participation of ATM, The City of Milan, IBM, Politecnico di Milano and Vodafone. The webinar brings together experience and expertise from the worlds of industry and public authorities, to share critical aspects, potential scenarios and new market opportunities in urban mobility originating from COVID-19.

The participants will be able to examine the potential new service models for urban mobility that rethink within-city travel, helped also by 5G technology. The webinar is additionally an occasion to reflect on how COVID-19 can reset urban mobility towards a more sustainable model, and how we expect urban transport to evolve after the pandemic.