Sharing Cities’ Smart City Solutions – Webinar Series | Digital social market

Sharing Cities is hosting a series of technical webinars on the smart city measures that have been implemented during the project


Online event, 11:00 - 12:30

The event

Since 2016, the lighthouse cities of Lisbon, London and Milan have implemented several smart city measures in the framework of the project Sharing Cities. Based on that knowledge and technical experience, Sharing Cities is launching a series of short webinars to explore each of those measures one by one: digital social market, e-bikes, building retrofit, sustainable energy management system, smart lampposts, e-mobility, and urban sharing platform. Each measure is also supported by a smart booklet and playbook which go into greater detail on how to replicate and scale-up in your city.

Each online event will present the implementation of one smart city solution through two case studies from lighthouse cities. After the presentations, all participants are invited to join the discussion, ask questions and share their experiences.

Visit the website www.sharingcities.eu to find out the series schedule and watch the recording of the webinars if you are not able to attend.