Startcup Lombardia 2020

A competition encouraging new high-potential companies


Politecnico di Milano

The event

Startcup Lombardia is a competition organised by universities and university incubators in Lombardy, promoted by the regional government Regione Lombardia, which supports startups founded or hosted by the universities and incubators, or connected through collaborations to these institutes, including Politecnico di Milano and PoliHub.

Startcup Lombardia helps to spread a culture of innovation within the university world, encouraging and supporting the creation and development of new entrepreneurship, to promote economic development in Lombardy within the following fields:


With the grant provided by Regione Lombardia, the total prize money is now 125,000 euros to be allocated as follows:

  • 4 Winning Projects, receiving a prize of 25,000 euros each, plus automatic entry to the National Prize of Innovation, PNI
  • 1 Special Covid-19 Prize of 25,000 euros for the project that submits the best solution and/or technology responding to the consequences arising from the pandemic in terms of workplace safety, wellbeing and social coexistence, with a specific focus on:
    • School (or university) educational system
    • Use of public transport
  • 2 Projects worthy of special mention and rewarded by automatic entry to the National Prize of Innovation, PNI

Further details at www.startcuplombardia.it.