Bite-sized learning at TechCamp@POLIMI, Politecnico di Milano’s Summer School

Presenting TechCamp@POLIMI for 2021.


Online event | 17:00

The event

TechCamp@POLIMI, Politecnico di Milano’s Technology Summer School, will introduce itself during Milano Digital Week 2021, outlining the general concepts and organisation and detailing the technologies covered in their courses. The professors and teachers at Politecnico di Milano have designed these courses for secondary school students, and they will explain the content, objectives and methods behind coding, cybersecurity, robotics and self-drive vehicles in bite-sized learning modules, helping young people interested to gain a feeling and understanding of this field.

The event is organised by Politecnico di Milano and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and will be held during “Milano Digital Week 2021”, promoted by the City of Milan – Office of Digital Transformation and Civic Services – and run by IAB Italia, Cariplo Factory and Hublab.