#TellMeAboutAMALPI18 | Landslides and other stories…

An event presenting the work carried out by A.M.AL.PI.18 in its first year of activity.


Online event, 17:00

The event

This hour-long online event brings together all the main A.M.AL.PI.18 players to talk about what has happened in the first year of work. The project is financed through the Interreg Italy-Switzerland Cooperation Programme and is a new concept for the Alpine region which hinges upon increasing the attractiveness of the Bregaglia-Valchiavenna-Moesa-Ticino cross-border area by proposing an innovative approach to its natural and cultural heritage. Tapping into the area’s common history and landscape, A.M.AL.PI.18 is creating a geographic and cultural route along the frontier that appeals to scientific and non-scientific communities alike, with at its core, the new Cross-Border Centre of Great Alpine Landslides (Centro Transfrontaliero Grandi Frane Alpine) in Valchiavenna.

Interest in the path gained momentum in the 400th anniversary of the landslide that obliterated Piuro/Plurs and its 1200 inhabitants in 1618. The itinerary will connect several sites of interest (Cengalo, Piuro, Norantola, Cauco, Biasca, Chironico, Airolo Sasso Rosso, and Peccia, to name a few) featuring special installations and reconstructing the calamities that are of particular interest to Alpine tourism by applying the power of digital technology.