Fellows of Politecnico di Milano US

The initiative

Fellows of Politecnico di Milano US is the Politecnico di Milano Foundation in the United States; a registered non-profit recognized as a Public Charity. It will consolidate Politecnico’s US network, building on the work that has been carried out for years by the Polimi North America Alumni Chapter.

The FPM US strategy will develop along three main lines.

First, FPM US is a Charity that collect donations. Today Politecnico already runs fundraising in Italy, to finance scholarships, educational projects, and specific research projects. American donors receive from FPM.US the same fiscal benefits other American Foundations and Publich Charities offer. The goal is to collect funds to implement local projects in the United States, like scholarships for studying, participating in internships, or conducting research projects in the US.

A second line of action goes in the direction of empower scientific research collaboration between Italy and the United States, developing joint projects with both research centres of excellence and companies.

Finally, FPM.US will carry out actions specifically aimed at supporting Politecnico di Milano graduates, offering them new professional opportunities and a solid network of US Alumni to lean on.


The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is in charge of the project's management and communication.