Sustainable and inclusive transborder mobility laboratory

October 2020

- October 2022


Smart mobility

The initiative

The geographic situation of mountain regions imposes severe constraints to their progress, and even nowadays encourages depopulation, jeopardising the central role that should be theirs within the green economy and national development.
In addition, the transport infrastructure in these regions is restricted in terms of accessibility and sustainability, and most people have to use private vehicles:
• Areas with a weak demand are not served adequately by local public transport.
• In some cases, there are no connection to major nodes in the area (e.g. Vallese – Malpensa).
This type of transport leads to negative side effects, such as atmospheric pollution, noise and traffic jams. Mobility is therefore a major hurdle for social, economic and ecological development in Alpine regions.
Considering the upcoming challenges to mobility and social inclusion over the next five years for the region of Valtellina, in first place, and with fall-out effects on Val Poschiavo, compounded by the Winter Olympics in 2026, the problem of transport and access to these areas must be faced taking a shared and innovative approach, to provide effective, modern and versatile transport services.
LIVELINESS responds to these needs with a live lab focused on implementing inclusive cross-border solutions that are sustainable environmentally, economically and socially, and whose purpose is increased connectivity and competitiveness in the mountain zone encompassing Valtellina, Val Poschiavo and the Bernina Region.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is a partner in the initiative

Technical details

By setting up a Living Lab for sustainable cross-border mobility, it is possible to implement and test an extensive and wide-spread transit network, based upon electric car-sharing and soft mobility to offer travellers a series of reliable and affordable options, totally integrated within the local public transport system.

LIVELINESS is activating and trialling a circular transborder route for 100% sustainable shared mobility services, to respond to the needs of all passengers (commuters, tourists, residents, etc.). At the heart of this project is its emphasis and value as a cross-border scheme that operates in Valtellina and Val Poschiavo, with actions to:

  • Strengthen intermodal travel involving trains, electric cars, bicycles and other electric means of transport for Sondrio, the county town of Valtellina.
  • Create infrastructure to promote soft mobility in the county town of Valtellina, with a new bike station.
  • Encourage a more connected urban area and belt for Sondrio and in Valmalenco, with a 100% sustainable transport system (electric and soft).
  • Integrate mobility in Valtellina and its county town with that of the Lake Como area, providing an innovative and exclusive mobility service for tourists and residents, with three main reference points (at Colico, Chiavenna and Domaso).

The above measures will target a range of objectives:

  • Reduce the inconvenience resulting from inefficient public transport that does not answer the needs of commuters in the area.
  • Reduce the daily traffic gridlock at the border, by implementing a car-pooling system, with crews formed digitally and full vehicles.
  • Develop and utilise the network of electric charging points, already installed in the area of Bernina and in the borough of Poschiavo.

First results

-Inclusive sustainable and multimodal hub in Sondrio, the county town of Valtellina.
-Integrated net of cycle and walking routes along the Sentiero Rusca itinerary.
-Electric car-sharing in the Sondrio belt and in Valmalenco.

Financial supporters


Anci Lombardia; Municipality of Sondrio; Comunità Montana Valmalenco (Mountain community of Valmalenco); E-VAI; Politecnico di Milano; Repower; Fondazione Politecnico di Milano; Bernina Region.