Leveraging ICT solutions for preventive strategies in Aging population in Latin America and the Caribbean: WMCR – Wearably Monitoring the Cardiovascular Risk

WMRC project focuses on setup an integrated monitoring system for the evaluation of an individual cardiovascular risk index based on APB monitoring, HR and physical activity monitoring and diet monitoring, and its usability assessment in terms of user compliance and adherence to protocol.

July 2022

- September 2023

The initiative

The objective of WMRC project is to design and implement a small pilot to test the feasibility, usability, and acceptance of innovative health technologies to foster prevention and healthy behaviors among the elderly population in Panama.

The population in Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region is younger compared to North America and Europe, but a significant increase of the population older than 60 years is expected. This increasing aging reflects both challenges and opportunities for the region. Europe, East Asia and North America are already facing the big challenge of the so called “sustainability of the healthcare systems” and have already applied a shift of paradigm from care to prevention. Studies demonstrate the importance of promoting behavioral changes toward a healthy lifestyle and prevent physical and psychological decline. WMRC project is relised in collaboration with University of Panama and the Multilateral Investment Fund (IDB Lab) for Latin America an Carribean.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is Project Coordinator