A new exhibition at the Museum of the Astronomic Observatory of Brera

September 2020

- September 2022

The initiative

MARSS is a project designed to set up a new exhibition at the Museum of the Brera Astronomic Observatory (MusAB) based on digital technology and creative storytelling techniques, to give visitors an enthralling interactive experience.

MARSS will create a new interactive and participatory exhibition for the collection of astronomical instruments kept in the museum at the Astronomic Observatory of Brera. MusAB is a long-standing institution established in 1760 and is certainly the oldest of all Milan’s scientific museums. The planned narrative tours will display the historical instruments at the museum in evocative settings that clearly narrate their purpose and historical function.

MARSS will develop new digital material using augmented reality technology provided by Politecnico di Milano, and the combination of new digital material and special storytelling techniques will expand and enhance the cultural facet of these instruments. Visitors to the museum can enjoy the virtual reality experience of accessing the Cupola (Dome) where Giovanni Schiaparelli conducted his ground-breaking observations of

Mars. Currently, access to the Dome is restricted, as it is very small and this gives rise to safety issues. More material is expected to become available via a mobile app, which will be available on the main platforms.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico is an external collaborator to the project.

Technical details

MARSS MusAB in Augmented Reality from Science to Society, financed by Fondazione Cariplo through the call on “Luoghi di Innovazione Culturale” (“Places of Cultural Innovation”) is developed by INAF, lead partner in the project, in collaboration with the Department of Mechanics at Politecnico di Milano.

Financial supporters