Non Tremare

Advanced Diagnostics and Monitoring Solutions

March 2017

- January 2021


Industry 4.0

The initiative

The initiative will develop technological methods of solution for non-destructive advanced diagnostics of a building’s basic characteristics, screening it for potential seismic hazards.
The planned systems will allow technicians to rapidly carry out precise measurements on buildings in use, without interfering with their regular functions.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is a partner in the project development

Technical details

The expected results are:
– Implementation of two hardware solutions with the associated software developed in MATLAB.
– Engineer a GPR system and the relative software.
– Prepare a technical specification document for designing and implementing a dynamic data acquisition system. Design the circuit schematics and the printed circuit board (PCB). Produce the prototype.
– Prepare a report on laboratory testing. Complete the document indicating any required changes. Compile the final project documentation for production.
– Prepare the production manual. Produce five dynamic data-logging stations. Draft the test reports.
– Acquire expected workflows from the semi-automatic rework stations for assembling board components. Undertake the studies and programming of the stations. Carry out the testing and startup phases for the circuit board production and their integration with other devices. Complete the data acquisition stations.
– Check results through destructive surveys. Results of tests and dynamic monitoring will be elaborated and controlled to verify their coherence and pick up on any potential bugs.

Financial supporters