PMI Network

Improving competitiveness in small and medium-sized companies across borders

January 2019

- May 2022

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Connectivity & Information

The initiative

PMI Network intends to incentivise cooperation between Italy and Switzerland as well as regional competitiveness, by sharing knowledge at the core of innovation between small and medium-sized companies, institutions, research centres and associations. The initiative will have a significant impact in the local and regional areas, by building on the wealth of companies located in the zone of Lecco and the Canton of Ticino, stimulating long-term collaboration between Swiss and Italian companies. Dialogue between companies and the world of academia and research will be assisted through the Cooperation Framework, an innovative technological transfer tool that exploits the synergy between virtual devices and joint staffing work. All partners will work towards creating a profitable network of collaboration and greater international competitiveness, with positive consequences for the entire transborder region.


PMI Network – Project Presentation

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is a partner in the initiative

Technical details

PMI Network is financed within the Interreg Italy Switzerland Co-operation programme 2014-2020. The initiative can access a fund of over one million euros to develop open innovation that benefits, above all, small and medium-sized companies. Due to their size and specific features, these businesses are often unable to tap into the technological ideas and solutions that create more value and improve their competitiveness in the global market. The industrial district in question is home to production companies, mainly SMEs, operating a wide range of sectors, with 26,475 companies in the zone of Lecco, mostly in textiles and mechanical engineering, and 33,971 in the Canton of Ticino working in mechatronics, life sciences, ICT and fashion. The PMI Network intends to create a permanent infrastructure to facilitate R&D in the medium-sized companies, while highlighting the importance of intellectual property.

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