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Health & Life science

The initiative

CAPSULA is a Phygital Health Pod for screenings of health and well-being status through the measurement and analysis of basic signals in self unmanned procedure and providing a report related to wellbeing, lifestyle and indicators related to the most relevant pathologies or associated risks. The Health Pod is a small private space and is the sensing point of an open, scalable Cloud+IoT platform with API to integrate a plethora of devices for enabling flexible solutions in digital health.

In the frame of COVID-19 outbreak, CAPSULA can become an extraordinary tool for emergency management and a disrupting solution to large population screening.: this project aims at developing a CAPSULA totem version implementing the main measurements of COVID-related physiological signals (temperature, SpO2, 1 lead ECG for Heart Rate and Breathing Rate) and hand hygienization to confine COVID-19 diffusion and limit its incidence on the community, its hospitals and caring system. There are key parameters to detect pauci- or asymptomatic people to discover possible human vehicles of the virus.

The selected use cases are targeted to protect and alleviate the effort of clinical operators in hospitals, to create a territorial screening network and to monitor access to public/private spaces like schools or companies. CAPSULA COVID-19 Pods are to be placed in Pharmacies, at General Practitioners ambulatories and in hospital triages so to create a territorial sensing network. This distributed network of health pods can support the early detection of possible focal points and be able to identify, define, and support, intervention strategies at town/municipality level to optimize patient management in a community vision and strategic plan. The collected big data could represent a milestone in epidemiological analysis of a large population: the basis for starting a monitoring and prevention programs with algorithms to be developed jointly with national health authorities.


The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is project manager

Technical details

Implementation of Sentinel (SENsing TerrIorial NEtwork of HeaLth PODs) to detect and manage COVID19 patients or emerging focuses of the infection. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No 101016203.

The €6.1 million project INNO4COV-19 is committed to supporting the commercialization of new products across Europe for combating COVID-19 over two years.