An innovative platform for chronically ill patients

June 2017

- September 2020


Health & Life science

The initiative

SIDERA^B (Sistema Integrato DomiciliarE e Riabilitazione Assistita al Benessere) is an integrated home device for assistance and wellbeing therapy. The project will design, develop and validate an integrated home care and rehabilitation system. This multi-domain and multi-device platform is based upon innovative technology for patients with serious chronic illnesses (neurodegenerative diseases, severe heart conditions and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – COPD) that absorb much of the funds for healthcare in Lombardy. Currently, there are no programmes providing structured, integrated and continuous care for these patients, with a validated model of social and healthcare efficacy that can be transported to other settings.




The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is consultant in the initiative

Technical details

SIDERA^B’s proposals will define a series of algorithms to analyse vital parameters (cardiorespiratory function, sleeping patterns, locomotor activity), ensuring greater accuracy in remote home monitoring; they will develop new sensors and devices, both personal and environmental, and new instruments to record activeness and sleep. The project will also be engaged in developing new immersive material (through serious games and the gamification of the treatment and care process) connected to real-world initiatives (remote monitoring, applications for robotic solutions, etc.), thereby creating a positive and participatory environment per patients and their caregivers.

SIDERA^B receives funding from Regione Lombardy within under the European Regional Development Fund POR FESR.

Financial supporters