Reconditioning chimneys flues in buildings

February 2017

- November 2019


Industry 4.0

The initiative

SMART BUILDING INNOVATION is an integrated system that combines reinforcing a building’s fabric, installing digital cabling and carrying out non-destructive work on chimney flues. The joint project between Politecnico di Milano and several companies involved studying and implementing an innovative system whereby inflatable liners in thermosetting composite are used for NON destructive reconditioning work to existing flues. The thermo-hardening liners have a waterproof surface to protect them against acidic concentrations in the boilers; they are inflated once placed within the flues using steam generators, so no masonry work is required. As the liners are made in a composite material, they also strengthen the building, increasing its anti-seismic properties. Fibre-optic cabling is threaded through tiny tubes inserted in the liners, fixing the current problem of vertical ducting filled with copper cables with no room for fibre-optic cables. Lastly, this technology is ideal for the new energy efficient condensing boilers.


The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is collaborating with the initiative

First results

La realizzazione di questa tecnologia è un risultato importante, si tratta infatti di un approccio estremamente competitivo sia dal punto di vista economico che in termini di costi ambientali e sociali, permette infatti all'edificio di integrare nuove tecnologie legate anche ai servizi alla persone per un "abitare intelligente".  

Achieved results

This break-through technology is extremely competitive economically as well as environmentally and socially. Buildings can be retrofitted with new technology linked to people-centred services, reflecting a new “smart living”.

Financial supporters

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