CITY REsilient Safe Transport for All: Reliable Taxi Sharing

July 2020

- December 2020


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The initiative

To the best of our knowledge, CITY RESTARTS will be the first large-scale taxi sharing scheme in Europe, supplementing local public transport. Among its aims are to provide greater access to safe and affordable public transport for all, generate additional income to taxi drivers, reduce single occupancy use of private vehicles and so lower the mobility ecosystem’s overall environmental impact, and increase the city’s ability to implement future sustainable mobility policies.
CITY RESTARTS provides the dynamics for the City of Milan, AMAT (Agenzia Mobilità Ambientale e Territorio), ViaVan and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano to address the impact of COVID-19 on public transport, by tapping into under-utilised taxi services. As part of the CITY RESTARTS initiative, people can book shared taxi rides using an App that automatically looks for the best taxi to allocate and calculates an optimal route for the taxi driver. All taxis are provided with screens separating the passengers, as a public health and safety measure.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is a partner in the initiative

Technical details

Milan is providing a new taxi sharing service to improve the match between demand and supply for taxi services, while substantially increasing the efficiency of the current taxi system and generating economic and environmental benefits. The need for social distancing means that increasing the number of passengers using taxis is now a priority, both to support local public transport and to offer a necessary service to the most vulnerable.
Users can book journeys from their starting point to their destination through an App, without having to re-book.
Plexiglass panels have been installed in the taxis to separate the driver from the back of the car, and a further panel is added between the left and right rear seats when the taxi is being shared. Two passengers at most can use the same taxi, both seated in the back and separated by the partition, and they must each use the door on their side. If and when there is no longer the need for severe social distancing, regular taxis could transport up to three passengers, using the seat next to the driver so that all passengers use their own door.
Taxi sharing is a new urban mobility service, which makes better use of existing human and infrastructural resources, and responds to the current need of an increased transport offer in Milan, as well as helping towards a more sustainable urban transport system.

First results

Customised and syntonised technology to provide taxi sharing services in response to COVID-19.
A new transport service based on the city’s available taxi fleet.

Financial supporters

COVID-19 Crisis Response call


AMAT; City of Milano; Fondazione Politecnico di Milano; ViaVan.