STable food Access and Prices and Lower Exposure to Shocks

May 2024

- May 2027


The initiative


STAPLES’ primary challenge lies in bolstering the resilience of Mediterranean and MENA food systems amidst the economic instability stemming from global food markets. By deepening the understanding of external stressors and shocks originating from global value chains (GVCs) that jeopardize local cereal supply chains and food security, STAPLES aims to directly benefit local governments and economic stakeholders. Through the development and dissemination of innovative solutions and evidence-based recommendations, including strategies, action plans, and best practices, STAPLES offers an opportunity to strengthen the resilience of MENA food systems along the cereal value chain, thereby ensuring food security and stability. By enhancing preparedness among MENA governments and economic stakeholders involved in food systems, STAPLES will implement a specialized Decision Support System (DSS) capable of integrating new knowledge and data from available platforms to guide the adoption of solutions, recommendations, and best practices in addressing external stressors and shocks.


STAPLES’ primary activity involves implementing an integrated approach to address the drivers of change affecting the cereal supply chain in the MENA region, along with its vulnerabilities and dependencies. This approach encompasses various actors (public and private), stages of the value chain (production, logistics, services), and scenarios (business as usual, stress). Through three main pillars of action, STAPLES aims to achieve knowledge and innovation within a comprehensive framework.


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