An educational programme promoting and spreading knowledge about Intellectual Property (IP)

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Culture & Human Capital

The initiative

THEOREM is designed to inform students, researchers and young entrepreneurs in creative and highly technological startups, who are keen to protect and develop their own ideas. THEOREM targets university students, young researchers, young neo-entrepreneurs and those of tomorrow (15 to 30 year olds) in highly technological startups or operating in the cultural and creative arts sector. The aim of the programme is to create a programme tackling the protection of intellectual property and IP compliance within startups. Six half-day meetings are held in Milan, each dealing with an aspect/topic relating to intellectual property. Every meeting consists of session where basic information and teaching is explained by experts in the area; a discussion, with the intervention and participation of university experts, web influencers and scientific promoters, companies and startups; and the production of a summary video of the meeting.


The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano was the coordinator of the initiative

Technical details

THEOREM’s objective: Help to educate young entrepreneurs on the importance of IP and compliance with property rights, in order to increase the human capital of young talented people with potential business success. Encourage young companies to launch and enter the market with knowledge of IP, to protect the results of their own creative process and technological innovation. Promote knowledge and awareness on IP matters among the next generation of architects, engineers and designers, who are soon to enter the world of work.

Achieved results

In terms of results, the initiative:
– Has built a network of institutional contacts composed of eight “knowledge multipliers”: Innexta-Consorzio Camerale Credito e Finanza credit consultancy services; the Chamber of Commerce of Milan, Monza Brianza Lodi; Junior Enterprise Milano Politecnico – JEMP; Finlombarda SpA – Open Innovation Platform; EUipo-Observatory; the Italian Ministry for Economic Development – the Italian Patent and Trademark Office; AIDB – the Italian Association of Patent Documentalists and Fondazione EIT Digital Italy
– Has assembled a network of contacts among university students, young researchers, young entrepreneurs, as well as companies, university teachers and IP experts
– Has gained high visibility in Italy and internationally.

THEOREM ‘s outputs are the following:
– The presentations of talks at meetings in the educational programmes (awareness programme)
– 9 training videos summarising the meetings
– A training module on “Intellectual Property for Startups”
– A serious game entitled “try it again with Karl!”, to teach players about intellectual property, implemented as a web app.

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