Smart manufacturing for tyres

October 2016

- February 2020


Industry 4.0

The initiative

This project is inserted within the frame of industrial automation, with digitalisation used as means to take great steps ahead in gathering and analysing data. It is designed to increase the level of efficiency in production, organisation, management and energy, achieving higher productivity in processes and product quality. The new system means that all unified processes can be managed dynamically, within a machine learning logic. To achieve this outcome, the project will first be involved in developing prototypes of new integrated sensorised machinery that can support the new system.

The role of the Foundation

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano is collaborating with the initiative

Technical details

TOTAL EFFICIENCY 4.0 is a project funded by Regione Lombardia through its Research and Innovation Agreements, and will run over 30 months.
Competition among international manufacturing companies hinges on their capacity to produce with high levels of productivity, quality and efficiency, and so increase their own competitiveness.
This strategic approach is crucial to the production system in Lombardy, Italy’s primary production engine, including in terms of reducing its environmental impact.
The project partners will assemble a set of skills that complement each other, from industry, academia and design, to be placed at the service of companies. The project results are totally novel and cutting edge, and will be used to maintain the competitiveness of local companies, while generating new knowledge and the positive outcome of improving human capital.

Financial supporters