Distiamo, wearable tags for social distancing and contact tracing

A high-tech tag created in total compliance with all privacy regulations to help wearers face life in a pandemic, and give people greater peace of mind as they return to their workplaces, schools, shops and everywhere people congregate.

This is Distiamo, a solution designed by Arduino in collaboration with Moviri, a multinational group that started out within Politecnico di Milano’s Business Accelerator, now PoliHub.

Distiamo was designed to keep staff, visitors and customers in a safe environment. The system can be used in many different locations, in office buildings, factories, warehouses, exhibition areas, universities, research centres and other public and commercial areas.

How does it work? This device is a unique solution that combines two distance tracking systems, a tag and a locator. Its main feature is that it warns people immediately if they have been too close for too long. The tags are small devices that transmit their ID and allow Distiamo to track their position. Designed to get businesses back to business without breaking the rules. The tags can be attached to keyrings, lanyards, bracelets or other items people carry with them. Everything is managed via a dashboard, which shows all the information you need to change the settings, solve a problem or adapt to a new situation.