Innovation and Made in Italy: an agreement between FSI and Fondazione Politecnico di Milano

FSI is sustaining PoliHub through a partnership with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, as part of the work to build the Smart City Innovation Hub “Parco dei Gasometri”.

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano and FSI have signed a major partnership in research and innovation. The purpose of this agreement is to provide substantial backing to entrepreneurship and the creation of innovation among younger people.

FSI invests in partnerships with organisations of excellence in Italy. Our national economic fabric has a wealth of skills in research and innovation, with global leaders that can respond effectively to worldwide challenges in life sciences, smart mobility, energy and the evolution of consumer goods and telecommunications. I believe that supporting our companies in developing their distinctive brand of Made in Italy, by digitalising services, expanding the teaching of technological subjects and encouraging younger entrepreneurs, must become a priority for Italy”. Maurizio Tamagnini, Managing Director of FSI.

FSI will not only be the partner of the PoliHub community, it will also sponsor al least five call4ideas, which are events selecting innovative entrepreneurial projects specialising in sectors chosen by FSI.

Our partnership with FSI confirms that forward-looking companies and institutions have set their hearts on running innovation and research within Italy. As set out in the EU’s Country Report for Italy 2020, the level of investment in R&D in Italy is still below other EU countries. For this reason, our partnership with FSI is strategic. Our focus on alliances means that we can stimulate processes of contamination of knowledge and develop hi-tec entrepreneurship, involving universities, businesses, institutions, limited companies and all other players in the innovation field”. Andrea Sianesi, President of Fondazione and of PoliHub.

Investment and sustainable development form a critical pairing for growth in Italy. Our agreement with FSI is part of this approach. FSI intends to focus on new high value technological companies and on tomorrow’s great challenges, and has chosen PoliHub and Politecnico di Milano as its partners. We are convinced that this will be the lever for growth in Italian regions and for new generations of entrepreneurs. This agreement will be inserted within an ambitious project to regenerate the area of the “Gasometri” in the district of Bovisa, to create a scientific and technological park that can match international standards, in an ecosystem of collaboration centred on our startups”. Ferruccio Resta Rector of Politecnico di Milano.