Italo, Alstom and BLS join Fondazione Politecnico di Milano’s network of Institutional Participants

Fondazione Politecnico di Milano’s network of Institutional Participants is expanding.

A warm welcome to three new arrivals: Italo – Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori S.p.A., Alstom Ferroviaria S.p.A. and BLS Srl. 

Italo is Italy’s first private high-speed train operator. The fleet of Italo trains can travel at speeds of up to 360Km/h. Remaining on the topic of trains, with deep roots in Italy’s industrial history, Alstom has been making trains in Italy for 160 years, traction systems for 60 years and signalling systems for 90 years. Alstom today has 8 sites, 31 depots throughout Italy and 3,200 employees and is recognised as one of Italy’s market leaders. Health and safety in the workplace are the bywords of BLS, historical Italian manufacturer that can offer one that can offer one of the most complete ranges of negative-pressure respiratory protection devices. BLS Srl is the producer of Narvalo face masks, from the idea of Politecnico di Milano, which can filter up to 99.9% of di pollutants, viruses, bacterial, pollen and allergens. Maximum protection plus carefully selected materials and an eye to detail mean that Narvalo is the perfect choice for everyday use.

Today, our opportunities for collaboration have widened and our potential for research and innovation has increased.