JRP Healthcare, a centre of advanced research bringing together university and companies for tomorrow’s healthcare.

Politecnico di Milano Department of Architecture, Building Engineering and the Built Environment (DABC), jointly with Fondazione Politecnico di Milano, intends to launch an innovative technological platform on topics linked to healthcare.

Together they have created the Joint Research Platform for Healthcare Infrastructures, whose purpose is to seek out companies wishing, with the university’s backing, to test and implement advanced strategies for innovation in the areas of projects, technology, organisations, building and management. The idea is to make them competitive in the new healthcare model, which is shifting from being exclusively hospital-centric to being a sustainable and user-centric system, inserted within local physical and digital networks.

Joining JRP Healthcare means belonging to an advanced research centre; companies can take part in exclusive meetings on the most progressive topics in healthcare, benefit from innovative studies and network with other stakeholders in the sectors and with all players in the medical and health landscape. Companies will in future be offered forms of scalable membership. The initiative targets, among others, hospitals, suppliers of biomedical equipment, companies specialising in designing, building and managing hospitals and health and social care centres, and regional health authorities.

Companies have until 1 September to join.